William Hilditch

George Hilditch & Mary Hartley




George Hilditch >





b: Abt. 1804
Hartford, Cheshire
d: Bef. April 1881



Henry Hilditch





b. 26 February 1830
Hartford, Cheshire


m: 10 November 1829
Witton Church, Witton, Northwich, Cheshire



Elizabeth Hilditch





b. Abt. 1832
Hartford, Cheshire





John Hilditch





b. Abt. 1835
Hartford, Cheshire





William Hilditch





b. Abt. 1837
Castle, Northwich, Cheshire

m. Mary Ann
b. Abt. 1841
Great Budworth, Cheshire





Thomas Hilditch





b. Abt. 1840
Castle, Northwich, Cheshire





James Hilditch





b. Abt. 1845
Castle, Northwich, Cheshire





Mary Hilditch





b. Abt. 1848
Castle, Northwich, Cheshire


b: Abt. 1812
Hartford, Cheshire
William Hartley





Mary Hartley








Sources : Census, LDS, St. Wilfred's Davenham Parish Register, Judy Yankey, St. Mary's Whitegate Parish









In the Witton Chapel, Parish Register of Baptisms, there is an entry:
Henry Hilditch, son of George and Mary Hilditch, Hartford, Labourer was born on the 26th February 1830 and christened on the 14th March 1830. 
William and Sarah Hilditch, Hartford
William and Betty Hartley, Hartford






On the LDS site on the Internet there is an entry:
George Hilditch Married Mary Hartley on the 10th November 1829 at Witton, Cheshire. Batch No. 8732032., Sheet 20.












Winnington - HO 107 97 5, Page 6 (C05/06).
George Hilditch35LabourerY
Mary Hilditch25Y
Henry Hilditch10Y
Elizabeth Hilditch 8Y
John Hilditch 5Y
William Hilditch 3Y
Mary Wakefield20Y

No. of House on Schedule: 53 - Holloway Head, Castle, HO 107 2165, Folio 469, Page 14.
George HilditchH. M.46Salt BoilerHartford
Mary HilditchW. M.38Hartford
Henry HilditchS. U.21Salt BoilerHartford
Elizabeth HilditchD. 17Servant at home Hartford
Out of Place
John HilditchS.15Salt BoilerHartford
William HilditchS.13Salt BoilerCastle, Northwich
Thomas HilditchS.11ScholarCastle, Northwich
James HilditchS. 5ScholarCastle, Northwich
Mary HilditchD. 2ScholarCastle, Northwich

{223} Gibson's Row, Castle, Northwich. RG10 3695, Folio 58, Page 38.
Mary HilditchH. W.56Hartford
James HilditchS. U.25LabourerCastle

13 Harrisons Place, Castle Northwich, Cheshire, England
FHL Film 1341843   PRO Ref RG11  Piece 3522  Folio 95  Page 25
Mary HilditchH. W.73 Salt Boiler's Wife, MotherHartford
James HilditchS. U33 Northwich